Sports Massage


Sports Massage in Leeds & Wetherby


Not just for elite athletes, sports massage can provide significant benefits for those that participate in any sport at all levels reducing the chance of injury, enhancing performance, comfort, and enjoyment, enabling individuals to be the best possible version of themselves. Each treatment is tailored to a client’s current circumstances, addressing issues associated with their sports activities’ current phase which may include treatments that focus on maintenance, pre event, post event, or rehabilitation. Sports Massage can also be ideal for those involved in numerous other physical activities or those that may have overdone it or picked up an injury whilst gardening, DIYing, interacting with children/grandchildren, or other pursuits.


A range of differing pressures, stroke speeds, special techniques, and trigger points are applied relevant to the clients’ specific needs. Regular treatments may prevent injury and will deliver many benefits including improving the lymphatic and circulatory systems, delivery of oxygen, easing tension and swelling, increased mobility, and helps the body repair and recovery processes.



Fully Qualified in Sports Massage


I am registered and comprehensively insured with “The Federation of Holistic therapists” (FHT). I am a registered therapist with and hold “full member” status’ of both “The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists” (SMA) and “The Association of Reflexologists” (AOR). To ensure that I constantly deliver high-quality safe treatments to my clients I regularly participate in Continuous Professional Development opportunities to keep myself updated with the latest research, techniques, and best practices associated with the therapies that I offer. If you would like to book or discuss your suitability for a sports massage, deep tissue massage, or any other treatment, please get in touch.



  • 60 minutes – £50.00
  • 75 minutes – £60.00
  • 90 minutes – £70.00